Name of Program: Positive Narratives  ( This is just tentative )

Length of Show: 45 Minutes

Genre: Discussion / Talk Show

Time of Day: 2pm

Intended day of the Week: Thursday or Friday

Target Audience: Young People between  16- 45

Other Details of Target Audience:  Audience will include young school leavers both highly educated and moderately educated, as well as professionals

Production Method: Live + Recorded

Delivery Style: Conversational



This program aims at highlighting the exploits of young Nigerians (and Africans) in the areas of academics, entrepreneurship,  sorts,  community development and other human  endeavours.  The show will have a young person each week who is doing exceptionally well in his field of endeavour. The young person will share how he or she overcame challenges to emerge a youth leader in his/her field.  It will be audience participatory as listeners will have opportunity to engage with the young person  of the week.